Saturday, 7 September 2013

TripleClicks Marketing Ideas

TripleClicks Jewelry Department
TripleClicks Jewelry Department
To promote TripleClicks products I have set up a free Weebly website, I have chosen jewelry because I am linking to it from the Pinterest board with pins on it promoting jewelry.
When you look on Pinterest you will see that there are a lot of women that use it so I am aiming at that market.
Add each product by saving the image to your image folder then click on the SFIAFFILIATE tab in the description and you will find a unique URL with your TripleClicks ID built in to it so that when sales are generated the commissions will be paid to you.
Upload the product images to your Pinterest board by creating a pin for each product putting the link to your Weebly site and a basic description, price, what percentage you save.
Then do the same on your Weebly site adding the product URL with your ID to each image that you upload.
I would appreciate any comments with more marketing ideas or if you can elaborate on this method that I am trying now.