SFI Basics Nº1

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Note: For SFI Affiliate Basics Nº1,  I’ve Time-Stamped the key moments.

0.03 - Gery Carson president and founder of SFI
0.14 - There are actually four things you need to learn about SFI
0.21 - Start earning money by accumulating VersaPoints
0.28 - One of the reasons why SFI is successful 
0.32 - In fact you can start earning money immediately
0.38 - Do simple actions to help you become successful
0.45 - Each time you complete an action on the SFI to do list
0.50 - Some actions are worth 10 points, 20 points, 500 points
0.55 - Your first objective in SFI is to earn as many VersaPoints as you can
1.00 - As you score VersaPoints the higher your rank the more you earn from the executive pool
1.15 - For a complete list of point able actions see you’re to do list on the SFI home page
1.22 - Note that by earning 10 VersaPoints each day you will qualify for our daily draw for $1000 in prizes

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One of the reasons why SFI is so successful is because it's so easy to get started. In fact, you can immediately start to get paid online from the TripleClicks Executive Pool just by scoring VersaPoints for doing simple actions that help you become successful in SFI.